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Terms of Service

Please review our Terms of service before signing up as an affiliate


The following Terms and Conditions Agreement must be agreed to in order to participate in the / / Programs with Special Ed Corporation. Webmasters can earn up to $30 per signup in our per signup program (new affiliates must request approval) or we also have a 50% recurring partnership program.

General: Special Ed Corporation invites and welcomes webmasters or owners of Internet web site/s ("program participants") to send traffic to any of the web sites listed with the program. In order to participate in the program and receive your payment you must follow, comply, and agree to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. All Terms and Conditions must be abided by and are legally binding. 

We DO NOT allow ANY type of cybersquatting of any of our domains. If you want to purchase any domain with any of our site names in it you need to contact us FIRST. Anyone cybersquatting our names including any typo domains will not be paid, banned and taken to court. It doesn't matter if you are advertising us or not, Cybersquatting is illegal. We haven't lost a single case in 18 years.

Your site must be legal and have legal content. Any illegal or stolen content on your site will result in termination of your / / account and you will not be paid. If you have any questions please contact us.

If you want to use any of our site names in ANY domain name they need to be pre approved by us first.

Affiliates are not allowed to copy the html pages of any / / sites and host them on their own servers. Affiliates may not copy text exactly as it appears on any / / site tours. 

Sites using a foreign language (other than English) are not permitted to join or advertise our sites. We do allow exceptions so please contact us.

Your site can not look like the front page of our site or tour. Please contact us if you have questions on this. Your payment MUST go directly to you and not through any 3rd party processing center. Exceptions are any approved payment types listed in the / / programs (Paxum, Paypal, bank wire.)

Only one account for each program is allowed per company or organization. If you need more than one account please contact us.

Make sure you comply with your hosts terms and conditions. If your host does not allow adult sites then you can not send traffic to our sites. This is mainly a problem with free hosts.

We run an honest program and we expect you to do the same. We do not allow your websites to have spyware or any programs that download onto users computer. If you have questions about this please contact us.

You can not advertise any of our sites on password sites, pirate sites, under 18 sites or beastality or sites not in english.

We reserve the right to modify any webmaster account. We modify accounts that are not performing well and remove the trial memberships from these accounts. You may also request to remove trials by contacting us.

Special Ed Corporation reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason without advance notification. If this occurs, Special Ed Corporation will notify you by e-mail immediately and will pay you for all Commissions achieved to that point in time, except in cases where Special Ed Corporation found that you violated this Agreement in any manner. Upon termination of your account with the program you must immediately remove all / / banners from your site/s.

Important: Payments are sent when a minimum of $100.00 is achieved. We do not honor sign ups from affiliate accounts to make payouts. These are considered fraud.
Fraudulent activity will result in your account being shut down.

Content must be used legally and correctly when promoting our sites with it. We only allow our exclusive content to be used to promote our sites. We DO NOT allow any other content for promoting these exclusive sites. Using other content to promote these sites does not give us any quality control and reduces the quality of our site and name. If you have any specific questions about this please contact us. / / reserve the right to close any account that is suspected of fraudulent activity. Our state of the art software and fraud department will find all fraudulent activity. Also our processors fraud departments will alert us of any fraudulent activity. We reserve the right to withhold payment from any webmaster suspected of participating in fraudulent activity. Webmasters who do not comply with our terms will be terminated immediately without pay or notice. Legal action will be Special Ed Corporation option to recover any payments previously paid and all webmasters will be responsible for all our legal fees, travel and any fees associated with prosecuting the fraudulent webmaster. Fraudulent webmasters traffic will be diverted to anywhere we choose. We also reserve the right to share fraudulent webmasters information and data with anyone we choose.

You must provide us with at least one active URL to receive your payment. If you don't have a URL please email us. You may use as many / / banners, as you wish. You can use / / banners and Descriptive text links to send traffic to our sites, just make sure that you use the exact linking code provided to you by the program. We also accept traffic in the following forms: Meta-refreshes, pop-up windows, email (if douple-opt in, not spamming), text and image links. We do not accept traffic from Warez, cartoon, XXX password sites. child porn sites, pirated content sites or blind redirect sites. You must have referring urls. If you are unsure about your site please e-mail us your URL so we can approve it before to avoid any payment problems. Any program participants found advertising / / sites on sites we do not allow without prior approval will be terminated immediately without pay.

Commissions are paid as follows. Pay Signup: You will be paid a commission of $30 per signup that you generate. Recurring Partnership Program: we will pay you 50% of all revenues generated from your linking code including the recurring.

By participating in the program you agree to take full responsibility for the content and the lawful use of your Web site. Special Ed Corporation reserve the right to deny any prospective webmasters admittance into the program based on the content of their web site for any reason. The action of sending clicks or hits from URL’s which contain and/or promote the following content but not limited to is a violation of this agreement: Child Pornography, Beastiality, Rape, acts of Violence, or any unlawful material.

Special Ed Corporation has zero tolerance for "spamming"(the act of sending unsolicited bulk e-mail and posting to newsgroups). No Spamming is allowed. Opt-in emailing is ok but please e-mail us before hand. Any income or payment due to program participants derived from spamming will be stopped and the account will be terminated.

In order to enter this agreement and participate in the program you must be 18 or 21 years of age, depending on your legal jurisdiction and that there are no outstanding orders, judgments, or other rules and regulations that would not allow you from entering this agreement. You also agree to indemnify Special Ed Corporation, Inc. against any loss, damage or liability, which result from the use of any Special Ed Corporation materials such as banners and artwork unauthorized by this Agreement.

Special Ed Corporation reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason without advance notification. If this occurs, Special Ed Corporation will notify you by e-mail immediately and will pay you for all Commissions achieved to that point in time, except in cases where Special Ed Corporation found that you violated this Agreement in any manner. Upon termination of your account with the program you must immediately remove all / / banners from your site/s.

I f you are in a country that adult sites usually do not allow. Please just signup and list your info and we will review your site and contact you if your site has been approved or not.

Special Ed Corporation grants no assurances of any sort, with regard to the performance of the Banners/links, and the content of Special Ed Corporation web site/s listed with the program. Special Ed Corporation will not be held liable to the program participants for any losses, injuries, or damages of any kind originating from or in connection with any mistakes, deletions, delays, interruptions in the transmission or reception of Special Ed Corporation services or content.

Special Ed Corporation. will issue checks monthly. Amounts under $100.00 for that current pay period will be carried over to the next pay period and will continue to accumulate until you make over $100.00. This amount will be payable in the period when your total payout is greater than $100.00. All Checks will be paid in U.S. Dollars. Make sure the info under my info is correct so there is no delay in checks. Any check payment requested to be reissued because of loss by any means will be charged a reissue fee of $35, we highly recommend Paxum or wire transfer to alleviate this fee.

ALL NEW ACCOUNTS must contact us to approve their first payment after they reach $100.00. If monies owed in account balance are not claimed after 6 months (180 days) of said pay period, Special Ed Corporation reserves the right not to pay. Its your responsibility to check your account often including logging in and sending new sales. Books are closed at the end of every year (December 31st).

US Webmasters are required to enter a social security or a Federal Tax ID to receive payments. We may also ask you to fill out a W-9 form.

Special Ed Corporation reserves the right to change the payouts with a 3 days notice

You agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions for this Agreement and agree to become legally bound as a participant in this agreement as soon as traffic, known as hits from a page begin tracking within our NATS tracking system, terms of this agreement may change without notice.

If you have any questions please let us know. - Terms as of August 13, 2019 -